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The project ‘www-el‘ (formerly ‘elwebtrans’) serves to translate all the important articles, texts (web pages) of the GNU Project in the Greek language. All members of the project ‘www-el‘ are volunteers who contribute their work to spread the GNU Project and the philosophy of the Free Software Foundation in the Greek public. If you have some free time and want to contribute to the defense of liberty and the further dissemination of Free Software, help our project.

The GNU Project by Richard Stallman
The original version was published in the book “Open Sources”

The first software-sharing community

When I started working at the MIT Artificial Intelligence Lab in 1971, I became part of a software-sharing community that had existed for many years. Sharing of software was not limited to our particular community; it is as old as computers, just as sharing of recipes is as old as cooking. But we did it more than most.

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