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The Ben 10 Cube.

The Ben 10 cube presented enough interest. Although it is like the classic Rubik’s cube, it had some peculiarities.

Specifically, in order to solve it you need to concentrate your attention on the central square of each side so you can always orient it accordingly in the right direction to finalize plans without irregularities.

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A nice problem that intrigued me is the “Rubik’s Magic”. I could solve the problem fast enough. In the beginning, I thought it to be quite difficult. But I finally was able to join the three rings with little effort.

I will always post my best solutions on this post. I try to set up personal records.

Surely, I can not compete with the champions but I think I will one day reach their standards with continued practice.

Personal record: 5 seconds.

Since I got my hands on Rubik’s cube, namely the classical one (3x3x3) I got hooked on solving it. I tried several times to solve it but more often I smashed it on the wall or give up.

But recently I learned that Rubik’s cube is solved with algorithms. So when I learned the algorithms and the solution methodology, I started with good intentions. So after a while, I could solve it by applying the algorithms. I have also solved the cubes with 2x2x2, 4x4x4, 5x5x5 and 6x6x6 dimensions. Knowing how to solve these cubes, you can solve any major dimension ones. In larger cubes, there are likely more parity errors. This does not prevent you from solving them.

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Rubik’s 360 Sphere is quite interesting. Once you understand how it works, the solution is then quite easy. Specifically, you need to concentrate your attention on the two axes as well as the two pendulums that are found inside the spheres.

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