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The ‘Refugee’ project.

March 1, 2017 Leave a comment

Recently, I have participated in the 1st Hackathon of the Technological Educational Institute of Central Macedonia in Hellas. Our team has developed a web application for the refugee crisis that exists in our country (Hellas) on our days.

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A useful function for getting the host name and service of a socket.

October 20, 2014 Leave a comment

In this article I will present to you a useful function for getting the host name and service of a socket.

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How to implement an IP-Agnostic server application with POSIX sockets.

October 8, 2014 Leave a comment

In this article I will present to you a POSIX function I wrote that can be used to create a server socket to support both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses (IP-Agnostic). Recently, I needed to support this feature in a server application. The implementation uses POSIX system calls and data structures that can be used as generics to support both IPv4 and IPv6.

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The project ‘zws’ (Zepto Web Server).

September 28, 2014 Leave a comment

Zepto Web Server is a tiny open source HTTP web server well-written in C that can handle simple HTTP requests and serve information in HTML format by using dynamic modules that can be loaded at runtime. Also, the HTTP web server runs as a daemon process and is designed according to the MPM (Multi-Processing Module) architecture that allows multiple requests to be processed almost simultaneously. The main server daemon process creates and maintains various server workers which handle incoming requests.

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Using the Repository design pattern with AngularJS framework.

March 2, 2014 2 comments

AngularJS is really a great open-source framework for creating single page web applications (SPA) based on MVW (Model / View / Whatever) architecture. In this article, I’ll present to you how the Repository design pattern can be used in order to encapsulate into a separate layer all the underlying communication with a back-end remote system for performing CRUD operations. The example next is very simple since the user can load either a list of customers or a list of orders by clicking the appropriate link from a menu.

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HTML5 Geolocation simple example.

June 15, 2013 Leave a comment

In this article I’ll show you how you can use the HTML5 Geolocation API in order to get user’s location.

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The project ‘RestApiWrapUtility’ (RESTful API Wrapper Utility).

June 9, 2013 Leave a comment

The project ‘RestApiWrapUtility’ (RESTful API Wrapper Utility) is an open source .NET C# utility which implements a RESTful API wrapper. The utility is created in order to be an intermediate layer between clients that want to communicate with a remote server in order to use its RESTful services.

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