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In this article I will present to you some macro definitions for handling interruptible system calls.

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In this article I’ll show you how you can handle / parse the following RFID Tags from Sparkfun Electronics :

1) RFID Glass Capsule (125kHz) – Product ID: SEN-09416

2) RFID Button – 16mm (125kHz) – Product ID: SEN-09417

3) RFID Tag (125kHz) – Product ID: COM-08310

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This project refers to an Arduino sketch which is used to produce animations with more than one LED. You can place several LEDs in a row or in any order you wish and enjoy the flow of traffic. Furthermore, if you wish to change the animation you can choose the next in line by pressing a special button. One such application might remind you of the Christmas lights.

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Before I mention the function that I have developed for the production of random numbers from the monolithic Linux kernel, I would first like to say something about the issue of random numbers.

The issue of producing truly random numbers is important and had even since the beginning puzzled computer scientists. In mathematics, it is very difficult to define the random and, generally, randomness is very difficult to prove with no assumptions. In the past, many scientists tried to develop mathematical models and algorithms to develop random number generators.

One of the greatest scientists of Computer Science, John von Neumann (the basic idea of the architecture of all computer systems today was his own design) jokingly said: ‘Anyone who considers arithmetical methods of producing random digits is, of course, in a state of sin.’.

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This project refers to an Arduino sketch which is used to produce LEDs animations. So, we use an 8-bit shift register (namely the 74HC595). This way we can drive 8 different LEDs in the output committing only three PINS of the Arduino.

If we want to drive more LEDs, we connect into a cascade form two or more (depending on the number of LEDs we want to support) shift registers and act accordingly.

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