This project refers to a sketch (an Arduino program) in which you have the ability to run applications with the help of an infrared receiver (IR) and a remote control. Also included in this project is a Python script that implements a background service (Daemon) which communicates with the Arduino and initiates the execution of various applications. The program can manage several remote controls following the communication protocols NEC, Sony SIRC, Philips RC5 and Philips RC6. Also, you are given the opportunity to train the software to respond to specific keys from several remotes (the knowledge is recorded in the EEPROM of the Arduino).

The Python script as well as the user running the script should belong to the group «dialout».

Starting service:$ start

Stopping service:$ stop

Restarting service:$ restart

Below there are some pictures of the project:

For more information you can get the project itself: