Dear Readers and Friends of Free Software,

First of all, as a return gift of gratitude, I owe a big thanks to both the FS / OSS Association, who gave me the opportunity to freely share my knowledge and my experiences about the world of ARDUINO with you through the cycle of seminars started on Sunday 24/10/10 as well as to all of you who attended the first seminar filling the hall of the laboratory with your presence and your interest.

The presentation of the first seminar was basically theoretical.

The issues presented were:

  • Arduino Introduction
  • Arduino Benefits
  • Arduino Hardware
  • Arduino Platforms
  • Arduino Software
  • Arduino Connectivity
  • Arduino Libraries
  • Arduino Programming Language
  • Arduino Example Books
  • Arduino Applications

Also, the seminar was concluded by presenting implementations of simple ARDUINO applications using C / C++ and Python. Finally, it is worth mentioning that the closure of the first seminar heralds the beginning of the second one which will basically present more complex and meaningful ARDUINO applications at implementation level.


Efstathios Chatzikyriakidis