The first openSUSE collaboration weekend camp was held in Katerini on 15-17 July 2011. There was also a workshop according to the programme held by TheHackerspace on “Security & Arduino” which included the presentation of two embedded security systems both at hardware and software levels.

We would also like to mention that the two security systems presented have evolved / been optimized enough since the day of their presentation. You can find changes and the new version of the systems at the appropriate source code repositories.

For instance, in the “Security Access Control (SAC) System With Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)” voice recognition was synchronized with a fixed time period which expires. However, the new implementation of the system no longer requires synchronization, and the restriction to the time period is not necessary. So you can say the secret phrase anytime within the state of voice recognition.

Security Access Control (SAC) System With Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Wireless Devices Remote Control System With RFID Technology