Recently, I have participated in the 1st Hackathon of the Technological Educational Institute of Central Macedonia in Greece. Our team has developed a web application for the refugee crisis that exists in our country (Greece) on our days.

The web application is just a prototype. A proof of concept to say. The end user can create, read, update, delete and search entities like Refugees and Hotspots. The major feature of the application is that the refugees and the hotspots can be connected each other with various relationships in such a way that information can be visualized in a graph.

In our limited time of 2 days, we implemented the “Is Family” and “Lives In” relationships since we wanted to know the hotspot a refugee lives in and its relatives (e.g. Parent, Children, Cousin, Grandparent, Spouse and Siblings).

The whole idea is that the information is not persisted in a traditional relational database but in a graph database which adds value when it comes to answer more complex questions like “Please, show me all the parents of parents of refugees from a specific hotspot which they have a third degree family member in another hotspot”.

Some of the queries that we have implemented are:

  1. Show me only the underage children
  2. Show me only the adults without family
  3. Show me all the families with their children
  4. Show me all the families until the second degree relatives

The source code of the project can be found online!